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In #NAV2017, Microsoft introduce lists of new functionality. From that list one of the new feature is Confirmation window is coming while closing some document pages.


List of pages in which this functionality is available:

  • Page 42 Sales Order
  • Page 44 Sales Credit Memo
  • Page 50 Purchase Order
  • Page 51 Purchase Invoice
  • Page 52 Purchase Credit Memo
  • Page 5900 Service Order
  • Page 5933 Service Invoice
  • Page 5935 Service Credit Memo
  • Page 6630 Sales Return Order
  • Page 6640 Purchase Return Order

If user Close the page or press Esc button without posting the Open document then system will give confirmation message like above screen. If user press the NO button then document remains open until posting, and user press the YES button then system will close the page as it usually does.