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Preview of Development Tools for Dynamics NAV is available now…!!!

Today, Microsoft announced the new tools to build extensions and apps in and for Dynamics NAV. This December preview is meant as an appetizer and way for you to try out what we have so far.

The tools that you’ll be using come in two flavors and both are available in preview from today.

The in-client designer

Make an extension in the client itself. Business consultants and UX designers will love using this drag-and-drop interface. Rearrange fields, rename groups, and reposition elements to build a perfect extension to support an industry-specific solution or implement a business process optimization.

Visual Studio Code

Use the AL Extension for NAV in Visual Studio Code to build powerful extensions based on tables, pages, and codeunits using the new objects: Page Extensions and Table Extensions. Follow this route to build rich extensions that reuse and extend core business logic in your application.

Start here:

You can get a free 30-day trial from

Some more links,

Tools overview

Getting Started guide

Object overview and AL language changes

GitHub bug branch:

Project “Madeira” Preview

What is Project “Madeira”

Project “Madeira” is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. Signing up is easy, and you can migrate existing business data from your legacy system. When you have signed up for the Project “Madeira” preview, you have access to a demonstration company. The demonstation company contains sample data, but you can create your own sales documents, for example, or set up a bank account.

Business solution reinvented

Microsoft is reinventing business productivity with Project “Madeira.” Start the preview to see how easy it is to connect business processes with familiar Microsoft productivity tools to grow sales, manage finances, and streamline your operations—in the office, or on the go.


Run your business within Office 365

Project “Madeira” offers an embedded experience within Office 365 so you can create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices without leaving Outlook. Export data to Excel for analyzing and create your outgoing documents in Word.

Finance at your fingertips

When you’re on the go, take your finance and accounting tools with you. Desktop, tablet, phone—it’s a consistent experience, tailored to the device.

Convert leads to cash

Shorten the path from lead to cash when you can create new opportunities, control leads, and maintain visibility all the way through to payment—even on the go.

Streamline operations

Connect the moving parts of your supply chain, make informed decisions, better manage inventory, and control costs.

Visualize your data

Project “Madeira” works with Power BI to create interactive reports based on operational data. Easily spot trends, stay current, and drive your business forward.


Here are some links:

Try the preview

Project “Madeira” Support

Project Madeira Blog